h.Art is looming!

Less than two weeks to go until h.Art starts.  This time in two weeks I will have managed the raku firings over Saturday and Sunday.  These were very exciting last year and a good number of people came, often staying for a long time to see how their tile came out!  This year folks will be able to glaze a tile and see how it emerges from the kiln, flames, smoke and all!  We will do it rain or shine but obviously bring suitable clothing if the forecast is rain.

I have been working quite a bit with raku this year.  There are three broad categories of what I have been doing- naked raku, basic raku and obvara.  The first involves burnishing the pot and then firing, producing a delightful pattern and sheen.  Adding wax later creates more shine.  The basic raku will involve glazing the pots and producing lovely effects, including a coppery glow.  Changing the air supply can impact the results.  Obvara pots involved the firing of a pot, which is then dowsed in a fermented solution then water, to produce unique patterns.  This was a technique used to seal pots so they could be used, but I would not recommend eating dinner from them just yet!

I will also be showing my found object sculptures, regular stoneware functional pots and various other items such as bird baths and jewellery.  Just to add some challenge, my daughter, husband, nephew and partner are tackling the 8 Peaks Challenge at Kington Walking Festival, right in the thick of h.Art…..