At the wheel throwing

Welcome to the Frostfire Pottery website, the home of Nancy Frost, potter, Here you can find out how to purchase my work, access courses and workshops, and read about my ongoing explorations into the world of clay.

My gallery and studio was open throughout the h.Art period in September (12th to 20th).  The week was a delight and about 500 people passed through the gallery and studio.   Should you wish to  purchase my work after this time, either check under Find My Art or you will be able to use PayPal on this site soon.  My work is also in various shops and galleries, including currently the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford.  The latest H.Art (2016) is between September 10th-18th.

There was a lovely exhibition at Shropshire Hills Arts Week (June 4-12 2016) where my work was featured at the  at the Aardvark Books site at Brampton Bryan.

I am also planning to offer classes soon at my studio.  I recently ran a pilot Raku weekend, which was well received.

Feel free to contact me through the Contacts page on this website.